Pre-Orders now open for Fight The Dragon!

We have decided to change tactics and cancel our Kickstarter and move to a Pre-Order system via PayPal directly from our website.

Fight The Dragon is already approved for Steam release so we plan on releasing via Steam Early Access in late February with an early private alpha starting in January 2014.


Running a Kickstarter campaign has been a great learning experience for us, but it has also been a complete drain and hindrance to productivity.

Though it’s unfortunate that we were not going to reach our funding goal, we are excited to be moving forward and getting back into a focused development cycle and getting Fight The Dragon out to private alpha backers in a few weeks.

We have also taken some time to add more information about Fight The Dragon on this site as well as re-laying out our videos section, ready for more cool content as we post it!

Oh, Happy new year everyone :-)

Until next time!

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Cubemen Alpha 0.93 is out on Desura

Cubemen Alpha version 0.93 is finished and is now available on Desura. Full blog post can be found here.

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Cubemen Alpha 0.90 is ready!

Cubemen Alpha 0.90 is ready and available now on Desura Alphafunding.

Read the full post here.

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Cubemen approved by Desura for Alpha Funding!

Our latest soon to be released game, Cubemen, has been approved by for their Alpha Funding program. YAY!

More info here

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