DoodleGeddon 1.5 for OSX on the way!

And it’s a ripper of an update!

We have been listening to our customers feedback and have been working really hard to expand the DoodleGeddons features and enjoyablilty. Here is a short list of some of the changes/improvements in 1.5:-

  • New in-game challenge stages
  • New moon orbiting the Earth – defend it or lose resources!
  • Cursor now goes red when no towers are available to shoot
  • New options screen includes-
  • - Change game resolution
  • - Switch between fullscreen and windowed
  • Plus more.

We are just going through the final testing stages and hope to have DoodleGeddon 1.5 submitted to the Mac App Store this coming week and plan to jump right into the next update with more exciting new features still to come!

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No one for sitting idle…

…while I was waiting for DG to be reviewed and approved by Apple, I have been hard at work on the next DG 1.4.0 update for the Mac App Store and I am pleased to announce that not only is it finished, but its already been submitted fore review!

So, whats included in the 1.4.0 update? Glad you asked!

  • Added sound on/off button in game and menu screens
  • Added new animated Star Field paper background
  • Added camera follow for mouse pointer for bigger play area
  • Added new crosshair in game with alternate designs for each power-up weapon
  • Added best score to beat on main menu screen
  • Tweaked gameplay pace/balance
  • Balanced audio/sfx levels
  • Reduced game window height for those running lower resolutions
  • Updated/Fixed some UI positions and sizes
  • Improved memory use and performance
  • Fixed Nuke Power-up not showing early in game
  • Fixed shield expand bug that would kill a new shield instantly
  • Fixed bug that makes some games crash when window focus is lost

DoodleGeddon 1.4.0 is an incredible update and I am really looking forward to everyone getting their hands on it!

It should be out within the next week.

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