Fight The Dragon Kickstarter Update #2 – A first look at the Adventure Construction Kit – Sculpting

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We just posted our second update – A first look at the Adventure Construction Kit and Sculpting, the core tool used for designing Adventure layout. You can check out the update here…

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3 Sprockets Developer Interview

We just did a cool developer interview with @NintenDaan and @_Nnooo about 3 Sprockets, Cubemen 2, Wii-U and we also discussed some of the cool new stuff coming in our next Cubemen 2 MEGA 1.2 update.

You can listen to the interview here:

I should note that there are also other cool dev interviews in that podcast so it’s worth a listen to in it’s entirety :-)

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Cubemen Linux

In case you missed the big news, Cubemen is now finally available for Linux in 32bit and 64bit flavours. YAY!

Right now it’s only available on the Ubuntu Software Centre, but will soon be available on Desura as well once the Desura guys fix a bug with my account ( this week I hope ).

If you are a Linux user and want to get into the awesome cross-platform multiplayer Cubemen experience, it’s really easy. Just click on the shiny orange logo below!

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New sneak peek at what’s coming in Cubemen 1.1

I am VERY excited to showcase one of the cool new features coming soon in the Cubemen 1.1 update.

Cubemen Character Customisation for your team and the opponents team.

Of course, if you are playing a network game, your opponent’s Cubemen will look like how they have customised their units.

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Cubemen 1.0.6 is out (Almost)…

Cubemen 1.0.6 is now out on Steam, Desura and iOS (iPad 2+) but unfortunately it is stuck in the review queue on the Mac App Store…. sorry, but review times are out of our hands :(

The 1.0.6 is a pretty solid update, addressing the last of the crash bugs some were experiencing on iOS and more stability in Skirmish games, but of course, I never sit still and I stuck more new cool stuff in the update too including a new level, some changes in gameplay and some nice spit and polish!

Now that Cubemen is solid and stable, it’s time for some MAJOR new features, and I am working hard on the next BIG update that I KNOW everyone is going to just love. More on whats in the update soon.

Here is the complete list of changes in 1.0.6:


  • Added new Defense Level – UpDown
  • Added message for No Support for GMA950 cards on game start (OSX)
  • Added message for No Support for iPad1 on game start (iOS)
  • Added message about network games and version number
  • Added device icons (mac, pc, ipad)
  • Added more music loops
  • Added sound-fx chime when player joins network game
  • Added framerate threshold for dropping VFX on iOS devices at low frame rate (Check Options screen – on by default)
  • Added incrementing cost for units (This changes the game slightly for those that spam levels with GRILLS)
  • Added move lives to Beginner (15 lives) and Easy levels (13 lives)


  • Improved performance where possible
  • Improved Mortar unit at short distance and stationary targets
  • Improved online game connection screens ( Now Looks Nicer)
  • Improved Endless mode – It’s now harder :-)


  • Fixed Skimish mode players not attacking other players when no non player units on the level.
  • Fixed imbalance on AI Grenade units in Skirmish mode
  • Fixed skirmish game stability and syncing
  • Fixed more crash bugs
  • Fixed bug where stats used for achievements were not storing correctly ( stats and achievements could now be out of sync, but they will re-sync over time )
  • Fixed humped bonus times
  • Fixed Last Stand – Best scores To Beat not loading in properly
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Cubemen 1.0.4 update going into the hands on testers!

I am happy to announce that the next update for Cubemen (1.0.4) is now in the hands of out beloved testers. Stay tuned…

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Cubemen wins GEE competition!

We are excited to announce that Cubemen has won first place in the GEE – LOVE * FOR * GAMES competition. 

The entry criteria for the GEE competition was that you had to make a game in Unity that is Multi-Player or has a Multi-Player component (using any networking library) and post the game to

We submitted a full working version of Cubemen (though only 7 out of the 46 levels) and the judges loved our game and the uniqe implementation of the Multi-Player experience and awarded us first place.

We would like to thank GEE, Exit Games, Unity Technologies and Wooglie for providing this opportunity and the other entrants for submitting some cool games.

Don’t forget, Cubemen is out on Steam this Friday (16th March, 2012) for PC and Mac and will be coming out soon on the Mac App Store and iOS (iPad 2/3)

Cheers :-)


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Cubemen on Steam – 16th March 2012!

That’s right! Cubemen wil be available on Steam for PC and Mac on the 16th of March 2012.

Following the Steam release, Cubemen will also make an appearance on the mac App Store and of course the iOS Store for iPad2 and iPad3 only.

To find out more about Cubemen, visit or check out the latest trailer!

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Cubemen Alpha 0.93 is out on Desura

Cubemen Alpha version 0.93 is finished and is now available on Desura. Full blog post can be found here.

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Cubemen Alpha 0.90 is ready!

Cubemen Alpha 0.90 is ready and available now on Desura Alphafunding.

Read the full post here.

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